The Best Car Speakers

The other day, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation about the best car speakers as I was on my weekend espresso binge. Two guys argued lock, stock and barrel about their favorite speaker brands and saw no end to the discussion even after an hour. While I was not privy to the entire conversation, I managed to pick up some very interesting tidbits.

And that’s what prompted me to create this blog for you guys. Having worked as an automobile audio systems consultant for years. I know for the fact that the best car speaker is a highly personal and subjective choice.

I may be an audiophile who diligently scrutinizes every frequency astutely looking for mids, highs and lows, whereas you may be a casual music lover looking for a clear sound more than anything else. Others may love the extra bass. Some love to crank the volume up till eardrum-bursting levels. So, it is almost futile trying to argue over something like the best car speakers.

But, it is quite possible to find a car speaker that has the right mix of everything. Enough sound clarity to improve the purists. Enough bass to keep bass heads impressed and distortion-free sound for the volume lovers.

How to pick the best car speakers

That’s a question that I have been asked a million times. And surprisingly enough that’s where most buyers go wrong. To that end, I have compiled a small list of features to watch out for when you go speaker shopping. I have made a deliberate attempt to not load this with jargon that sounds like gobbledygook though and I hope it helps you pick the best car speakers.

  1. Sensitivity: Any speaker system will yield the sound depending on the power that it receives from the head unit. For this reason, if you are replacing your stock speakers that are powered by a factory-installed car stereo, pick a speaker system with a high sensitivity rating. On the contrary, if you have an external amp or a high-end receiver, you need speakers with low sensitivity ratings.
  2. Power handling: The power handling refers to the power that your speaker can handle continually without getting damaged. Most manufacturers slyly mention the peak power rating first and then mention the Root Mean Square or RMS rating later. However, that’s the number that you must keep an eye on while selecting the car speaker.
  3. Construction: A lot of people pick a speaker without being fully aware of the materials used in the construction. As a rule of thumb, I recommend the following components as a bare minimum for a well rounded sound profile.
  • Polypropylene woofer cones
  • Rubber surrounds
  • Silk tweeters (I am not a big fan of ceramic or metal ones)

I made some lists of Top 5 best car speakers. Check review here.